Business Development

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With our experience, we are perfectly qualified to support you in executing a(n):

  • Initial Market Scan
  • Feasibility Study
  • Business Planning
  • Partner search
  • Interim Management
  • Domiciliation Analysis

Next to that, HollandBrazil can support you in business meetings with clients and partners, as well as with legal, fiscal and technical specialists in Brazil. And all of this in a pragmatic way with focus on achieving results for your company.

Administrative support

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Once you have decided to expand your business to Brazil, HollandBrazil can support you with the constitution of your local subsidiary, including the representation and administration. We take care of the compliancy with the Brazilian general and tax legislation, which in Brazil is a complex matter.

Other support services that we can provide are for example:

  • Acquiring an import-license
  • Bookkeeping, payroll and administration
  • Plan and execute business meetings in Brazil for individual companies as well as groups of companies (e.g. Trade Missions)
  • HR support, including recruitment
  • Support of Expats

HollandBrazil can take care of all of these non-core issues in order for you to be able to fully focus on your business.

HR & Staffing solution

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HollandBrazil, through its HR & Staffing solution, enables companies to recruit one or more staff members during an orientation or preparation phase regarding the Brazilian market. This will allow compliancy with the Brazilian labor laws while providing flexibility in the development of potential business.

The HR & Staffing solution of HollandBrazil offers the following possibilities:

  • Recruitment of staff members by a renowned and respected company in the Brazilian market
  • Arrange for secondary conditions of employment such as health-insurance, mandatory lunch- and transportation allowance and possibly a company-car
  • Offer a work-environment
  • HR management, including payroll, salary payments and all mandatory legal payments
  • Job Control Management