Financial Transactions

HollandBrazil supports companies and individuals  with money transfers from and to Brazil. Whether this is for capital remittance or loans to an affiliate company in Brazil, dividend payments to foreign shareholders, purchase of real-estate or the transfer of patrimonium (starting from US$ 25.000). This in a fast, reliable and cost-efficiënt way, all within the legal limits. HollandBrazil will take care of the mandatory registrations at the Central Bank of Brazil. Through our cooperation with a pool of banks, we can offer the best exchange rates without any additional transaction costs.

Buying real-estate in Brazil has become very attractive due to the exchange rate of the Brazilian Real versus the US dollar and Euro. HollandBrazil through its partners will provide you with an honest exchange rate, without additional transaction costs, which -compared to the traditional banks- is much more attractive. On top of that we can support you in adequate transfer of the real-estate, once purchased.

For more information, please contact or go to our information page for more details.