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Brazil offers many opportunities to European businesses. Over the last years Brazil has suffered from economical slowdown, but there are signs of a strong recovery. This is a good moment to invest in Brazil, especially with the strong currency of both US$ and € versus the Brazilian Real. There are many opportunities for companies that provide an honest, reliable and innovative product or service. With our European knowledge and innovative solutions, we are very well capable of convincing Brazilian companies in doing business with us.

1 out of 4

Starting business activities in Brazil is not easy. Legislation and fiscal regulation are complex and business practices are different in the various states of Brazil. Speaking Portuguese is a must and on top of that, relations are essential in Brazil. These will take time to develop and so will any business development in Brazil. Finding and working with a local partner is very important. One out of four companies still exist and are profitable in Brazil after two years. A solid foundation and good support can make the difference for you between success and disappointment.


If you are interested in developing business in Brazil or you have already started but face challenges in progress, HollandBrazil is the right company for you. We offer tailor-made advice and support and will bring a solid and reliable set of partners to you, which allows you to focus on developing your business. We can support you from an initial market-scan up until the constitution of your local company and its development.

Why HollandBrazil?


HollandBrazil has a longstanding record in initiating and managing businesses in Brazil. Moreover we are transparent and have a no-nonsense work-ethic. HollandBrazil can count on a large and solid group of partners in Brazil and we are able to support you in Brazil as well as In Belgium and the Netherlands through our offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Antwerp and Rotterdam.

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